Information for Parents

What to Bring

Outlined below is a list of items your child will need to bring to Preschool each day. It makes it easier for your child to recognise their belongings if their name is added to their personal belongings. Sometimes children can have the same lunch box or the same bag, so educators can help children identify their belongings if they are labelled. Meal time provides an ideal opportunity to talk about nutritious foods and staying healthy. ‘Sip and Crunch’ –  is held at 10.00am each morning where children are encouraged to eat fruit and vegetables and drink water. Children can access their drink bottle throughout the day and at meal times.  Lunch children place their lunch box in the refrigerator. Suggested items for lunch include sandwich, salad, fruit, vegetables, cheese, yoghurt, dip and biscuit, healthy snacks etc. More information is provided in the preschool enrolment book. Sun Hat – all children need a sun hat when playing outside. Please also apply sunscreen before coming to preschool or use the sunscreen available. Shoes – to allow your child to participate in the learning program, they need to wear comfortable shoes that are and suitable for climbing on equipment outside. Thongs, heeled shoes, scuffs, open shoes, and shoes with flat slippery soles with no grip will not support children to climb and safely participate in gross motor activities. A Change of Clothes – children need a change of clothes in case of accidents, spills, weather changes or messy play. Dress, clothes – Educators suggest that children be dressed in clothes that allow them to participate in all areas of the educational program. It is best if children do not have to worry about getting dirty or wet as this may inhabit their enjoyment of the activity. Children are encouraged to participate in messy activities which are an important part of their education and development. Elasticised waisted shorts or pants allow each child to be independent at toilet times. Please label children’s items of clothing e.g. shoes, as children sometimes wear the same clothing. Labelling allows educators to quickly return misplaced clothing to families.

Frequently Asked Questions

My child has a disability, can the service cater for this? Educators will discuss your child’s needs with you and liaise with other professionals to ensure they have a high quality preschool experience and maximise their learning and inclusion in the program. My child has allergies, how does the service manage this? Educators discuss action plans with families to ensure a safe and healthy environment and will use these plans to manage medical conditions and control risks. Flying Fox Preschool is a nut aware zone, this means we will take action to minimise exposure if children with allergies are enrolled . How can I contribute to the preschool? For our preschool to run we require a community of people actively working together in many ways. Families can become involved through joining the Management Committee which meets once a month to discuss management and planning. Involvement in fundraising ventures and sharing any talents, hobbies or community connections are also ways to become involved. You are welcome to stay and play, share your child’s day and see what fun we have. We value active involvement from families as it strengthens our preschool community as well as the wider community. Can I come to preschool during the day? We have an open door policy with families and welcome you to join us when time allows. We also organise special days where families will have the opportunity to come in and celebrate events or gatherings with us. Will my child have the same educators? Yes, to ensure consistency and predictability as well as building strong relationships between children, families and educators; we use familiar educators. How will preschool help my child be ready for school? Our school readiness program is incorporated within our daily program to assist children to develop the skills to feel confident and secure when transitioning to school. The program includes social skills, communication, mathematics, pre reading and writing skills. We will work closely with families to build on children’s prior experience and knowledge to continue to enhance their skills in preparation for school. How will educators support my child’s learning? Educators create individual goals for each child which includes the Early Years Learning Framework as well as parent input. The goals target children’s strength, interests and areas of need which educators then use to support children’s learning to work towards achieving these goals. Do the children sleep during the day? We do not have a sleep time during the day but the children are offered quiet activities and space to rest if they feel tired. Does my child need to be toilet trained?  Children are not required to be fully toilet trained to attend Flying Fox Mobile Preschool, however we do not have regular nappy changing facilities at our venues so children are required to be in pull ups if possible. We do understand that accidents occur and educators will encourage children to use the toilet frequently.